Dail Tech is a total solution provider to do business for import, export and manufacturing. Dail Tech's organization is largely divided into three kinds of business : Optical & Telecom business, Mobilecom & Display business and Production business

The goal of the highest priority is that we play a role as a solution provider to follow up and support needs from R&D, Manufacturer, Service, etc in the Information Technology industry, such as Mobile Communication & Display, Optical & Telecommunication and optical production. Our technical and market experiences qualify us to meet customers' request for the products related to the three business sectors. So, when you start to do business with Dail Tech, you will be able to get benefits through mutual trust.
Since Dail Tech was founded in 1999, we have emphasized values of creativity, honesty, positive and challenging attitude, which will be reflected in our internal organization culture and external sales activities. Also, we seek for win-win strategy in processing business with customers and partners. That will be a basis to generate mutual benefits and trust.

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